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Did you know that a dog’s diet can contribute to a many skin, ear, tummy and all sorts of other troubles?

Have you seen your dog scratching or continuously lick/chew their paws or do you think your dog has allergies?

Is your dog currently on medication?

Well…..Just Dog Food is run by a team of passionate and committed dog loving and dog owning people in Australia that have helped many dogs (and their owners) choose the right food for their dogs!

Hello and thank you for visiting us at Just Dog Food
We are an Australian online business for ‘Hounds’ everywhere, looking to be “Happy & Healthy”.
It’s the place where Dogs truly are special!

Happy with Legs

Here at Just Dog Food we know that every Dog, in every household is a lot, lot more important than just a family pet and that is why “Just Dog Food” was created – for every special Hound and their loving owners – owners just like you!

The Just Dog Food team thoroughly love what we do and our aim is to keep every Hound everywhere, “Happy & Healthy” through great education and the supply of only the best brands!  (Learn more)




We continue to provide dogs around Australia with some of the highest quality nutrition and healthcare available and we look to only obtain Premium & Super Premium brands from Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Just Dog Food has working partnerships within Australia that allow us to provide you with “Premium” & “Super Premium” solutions for your favourite furiend.

We are an Australian authorised reseller for the brands we deliver, so make sure you buy from a businesses who not only cares about your ‘Fur baby’ as much as you do but are also authorised to resell these brands to ensure freshness and quality and avoid counterfeit products.

Our aim is to provide you with ” Hound-tastic service, quality and integrity and our online showroom provides our members access to our vast product ranges.

Meanwhile we hope you enjoy the way we aim to keep every Hound everywhere, “Happy & Healthy!”

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Sincerely….. The Just Dog Food Team!