At Just Dog Food, our aim is to keep your fur baby as happy and as healthy for as long as possible and we certainly understand that our customers may have some questions sometimes, so we have provided some answers for you below to what we have found to be some of the more popular ones.

Why can’t I find a product I’m looking for?

We have tried to make our website as user friendly as possible and have chosen only the best products for your dog available in Australia but if you cannot find something, simply contact us via our contact page and we will do our best to buy it in as a special order for you.

How long will my order take to get delivered?

At Just Dog Food, we endeavour to get your pawsome pooch’s dinner to them as quickly as we can. In doing so, we rely on some partnerships with a variety of shipping partners, depending on where you live in Australia. Unfortunately, we are all at their mercy once your delivery is picked up from us but in saying that, our customers have been very happy with the speed at which they get their orders. For a guide as to how long your order may take once we have processed ‘and’ Completed it, (generally within 24 weekday hours) take a look at our shipping terms HERE

Why won’t my postcode show free shipping or a shipping cost?

We are in partnership with a number of shipping partners who deliver around Australia. If unfortunately, some postcodes do not fall into our ‘free shipping’ zones or they fall into a zone where there may be an additional charge. Simply contact us via our contact page with your details and what you would like to order and we will do our best to give you an estimate for delivery cost. Should you be in a ‘free shipping’ zone, then you will need a minimum of over $69 in the Adelaide Metropolitan Area and over $99 in other major parts of Australia.
The best way to check is simply put your postcode and city into the shipping calculator.

How much is delivery to my area if I don’t qualify for free shipping?

This will all depend upon your suburb. To find this out, just choose the products you want in your cart, enter your postcode and the shipping calculator will tell you. Should your postcode not register an amount, your postcode may not be in a zone our normal shipping partners deliver to, so simply contact us via our contact page and we will get back to you with an estimate.

Do I get a tracking number with my delivery?

Your delivery is very important to us. Once your order is processed and is “Completed”, it goes out with the next pick up from our couriers. Once it is picked up, you should get a notification to the email you provide us informing you that your order has been picked up, along with a consignment number that you can then track. If you do not receive one, please check your junk mail first, remembering that you will not get a notification before your order is “Completed” by our team and after the courier has physically picked up your order from us. If you still do not see a notification, then please simply contact us through our contact page and we will do our best to help you.

What’s the best dog food available?

We specialise in dogs and have spent time researching and making sure we only provide dog owners with Premium and Super Premium Dog Food brands and making our website as user friendly as possible for our customers. If your dog has a particular condition, we also have ‘Sensitive Tummy’ and ‘Sensitive Skin’ Categories for you to search through and in the case you would like some impartial advice and help, you can read all sorts of helpful information in our ‘hound blogs’ or just contact us and we will do our utmost to help you and your furry friend!

What is the difference between Premium and Super Premium dog food?

There are several differences but the main differences are the quality of the ingredients and where they are sourced and the actual bioavailability of the ingredients within the food itself. What this means is that your dog will obtain far better nutrition from Super Premium brands. The main point to remember is that whatever you choose from our website, you can rest knowing that we only keep Premium and Super Premium brands for your dog.
You can learn more HERE

How do I know if my dog has an allergy?

Some dogs can obtain an allergic reaction to some proteins while others can form an intolerance to them. There are several symptoms that can help identify these and tell whether your pooch is allergic to something or intolerant. A Vet can help you identifying the difference by conducting a blood test sometimes but meanwhile, you can read our blog on this subject HERE.

Can you get products in for my dog that aren’t on your website?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, just let us know what you would like by contacting us via our contact page and we will do our best to find it for you.


Greenies Dental Chews Treat Pack for Petite Dogs 7-11kg


Greenies Petite dental chews are suitable for small breeds 7-11 kg & clinically proven to provide a total oral health solution for your dog.

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Cow Hoof – empty


Cow “toenail” (put 2 side by side to see the whole hoof).  An extremely hard chew. Why not fill it with water or stock flavoured water and then freeze for a tasty ice block. Can also be filled with meat or treats. Excellent long lasting enjoyment. Not a treat recommended to give inside the house. 100% Australian product – NO preservatives – NO additives.

SKU: CowHoofempty Categories: , , , , Tags: ,
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Pet Soap for Dogs

$8.99 $7.99

Urthly Organics certified palm oil free bar soap for pets will keep your dog’s skin and fur in top shape! Made by hand in Central Victoria, Australia, it’s free from nasties (e.g. parabens, glycols, fragrance etc) and made with skin loving oils including stockholm tar which is renown to help sensitive skin and is antiseptic.

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Beef Liver Balls


Small and soft chewy balls of high protein, low fat beef meat combined with a few select ingredients. Ideal as a simple great tasting treat or as a training reward. Product of Australia.

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Chicken Feet


Dried Australian Chicken Feet.  They look a little pre-historic but are great for all size dogs as a treat or chew.
Excellent for smaller dogs. 100% Australian made – NO preservatives – NO additives.

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